Unlock the Science of Teamwork

February 22, 2017
Tired of having teams that don’t perform to their full potential? Frustrated by teams that have great discussions but can’t reach decisions? Are you challenged by teams that are blocked by constant arguing with no resolution? Learn how the Belbin® team measurement tools can help you solve these problems and get more out of every team. Max Isaac, co-author of Close the Interaction Gap and CEO of 3Circle Partners, will draw on his experience with thousands of teams to bring to life not only how the Belbin Team Role methodology works but what results you can expect to see. In this webinar, you’ll gain powerful insights about the many applications for the Belbin tools and how they contribute to team development. The topics covered will include: How the Belbin methodology works Why the Belbin model helps predict team success How to engage and develop the talent on your teams How the knowledge of people’s collaborative strengths and weaknesses improves both individual and team effectiveness Learn how to harness the power of all your teams!

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