Why Use Belbin Team Roles?

Belbin® Team Roles: A Powerful, Proven Team Building System

You know that a corporate team is like a complex machine. Each cog, each gear, each pin plays an important role. And it's the interaction between the parts that makes the difference between a team machine that's dynamic and energetic—and one that gets stuck in the mud. So how do you create productive, effective teams whose performance isn't just a matter of good luck? And how do you manage teams that are underperforming—and develop strategies to address poor productivity and dysfunction? That's where Belbin Team Roles comes in.


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We believe creating an effective organization requires a scientifically based, data-driven approach. As industry leaders in team development and leadership consulting, we work with some of the world’s most successful organizations—including many Fortune 500 companies—to improve performance through a specialized focus on interaction. We call this Team Acceleration®.

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What Are Belbin® Team Roles?
What Are Belbin® Team Roles?

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