Xerox: Using Belbin to Improve Overall Efficiencies

September 25, 2009 Max Isaac

For the last five years, Xerox has been using Belbin Team Role Theory as a critical component of their Lean Six Sigma strategy. Through the Belbin component of 3Circle Partners Team Accelerator Workshops, team members have been learning how to identify individuals’ strengths and weaknesses in order to create highly effective teams.

The product development team for their product, the Xerox ColorQube, a multifunction printer with over 360 patents, and one of Xerox’s largest product launches this year. The ColorQube Team had a challenge faced by many: team members spread out across the globe, from North America to England to Malaysia. Through the use of Belbin Team Roles, team members learned how to function as an effective team: using peoples’ individual strengths and communicating constructively.

Jeff Blank, vice president for direct marketing products at Xerox said:

“Team Accelerator can help to resolve issues in the process before they become problems and minimizes duplication of work, to improve overall efficiencies. These workshops help the team recognize its potential and can really benefit each team member.” (From the Reliable Plant article: Identifying Individual Strengths Helps the Whole Team)

To find out more about how Xerox is using Belbin Team Role Theory and the series of 3Circle Partners Team Accelerator Workshops, check out this article and podcast at the Business 901 Blog, featuring Xerox’s Aqua Porter, Vice President of Lean Six Sigma.


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